Historical Transcendence and the Reality of God1975.  Published Dissertation under Thomas F Torrance at the University of Edinburgh, Scotland.

Theological Foundations for Ministry, 1979.  An Edited volume of material from Barth, Bonhoeffer, Thomas and James Torrance, and others including ecclesiologically material from Historical Transcendence and the Reality of God. 

On Being Human: Essays in Theological Anthropology, 1982. A masterful interpretation and amplification of Karl Barth’s writings on the doctrine of humanity.

On Being Family: A Social Theology of the Family1984. Written in collaboration with the family sociologist Dennis B. Guernsey.

Theology, Death and Dying, 1982.

Minding God’s Business1982.

Christians Who Counsel, 1990.

The Gospel According to Judas: Is There a Limit to God’s Forgiveness?, 1991.  Later updated as Judas and Jesus: Amazing Grace for the Wounded Soul, 2005.

Don’t Give Up On Me – I’m Not Finished Yet! Putting the Finishing Touches on the Person You Want to Be, 1994.

Self-Care: A Theology of Personal Empowerment and Spiritual Healing, Living the Spiritually Balanced Life: Acquiring the Virtues You Admire,1998.

Everything That Make Me Happy I Learned When I Grew Up,1995. 

Unspoken Wisdom: Truths My Father Taught Me,1995.

Exploration Into God: Sermonic Meditations on the Book of Ecclesiastes, 2006. I have early editions of the sermons for this that I will post here in the “Anderson” section.

The Seasons of Hope: Empowering Faith Through the Practice of Hope, 2008.

Ministry on the Fireline: A Practical Theology for an Empowered Church, 1993.

The Soul of Ministry: Forming Leaders for God’s People, 1997.  I will using this text as a primary reader in Anderson for a course at Trinity Press in the Fall, 2014.  See my “Topics” Section for Soul of Ministry – Lessons.

The Shape of Practical Theology: Empowering Ministry with Theological Praxis

The Soul of God: A Theological Memoir, 2004.                                                        

Dancing with Wolves While Feeding the Sheep: The Musings of a Maverick Theologian, 2001.

Spiritual Caregiving as Secular Sacrament: A Practical Theology for Professional Caregivers, 2003.

The Praxis of Pentecost, Revisioning the Church's Life and Mission, no publisher, Fuller Seminary, July 1991.

Two volumes in honor of Ray have been published as Festschriften.

Incarnational Ministry: The Presence of Christ in Church, Society, and Family: Essays in Honor of Ray S. Anderson (eds. Christian D. Kettler and Todd H. Speidell) (1990), with essays by Thomas Torrance, James Torrance, Geoffrey Bromiley, Colin Gunton, Alan Lewis, and Lewis Smedes

On Being Christian … and Human: Essays in Celebration of Ray S. Anderson (ed. Todd H. Speidell) (2002), with an article entitled “Community in the Life and Theology of Ray Anderson” by Daniel Price.