As I mentioned on the Home page, I have a special interest in the theological understanding and the spirit of ministry I learned from Ray Anderson.  A large part of that is found in his pastoral work of preaching and counseling.  The counseling side is covered in some of his books where "case studies" become a way of illustrating the nature of grace, forgiveness, wholeness and the heart and compassion of God as it addresses human circumstances through pastoral counseling.  The other part is his sermons.  I had the pleasure (and challenge) of hearing him preach at chapel services during my seminary days at Fuller.  I remember one sermon very vividly entitled "Can a Minister Be Saved."  You can imagine how that made us feel!

A long time friend of our family, a member of North Hollywood Evangelical Free Church, Don Farrer, bequeathed to me several binders of early sermons from Ray.  Don had been a member of Rays first church in Southern California and was given permission from Ray to transcribe them.  Don and I became very close when he and his wife Betty moved to Northern Virginia.  Don worked with me and we would spend a good bit of time both listening to his beloved classical albums, but talking about christianity in art and  literature and theologizing about life in the church.  Don had started the transcription process but with the challenges of aging, he could not complete the work.  Don passed away a good many years ago now, but I can still hear and see him and his passion for Jesus.  I have the binders with the constant reminder of the loving task ahead.  Some of these have also been made public through the work of Christian Kettler.  

I have already cleaned up about a dozen and there are a hundred plus more.  As I get them freshened and re-digitized (some are copies of mimeograph pages) I will post them here.

Ray saw in the person of Judas a dimension of human life that haunts many of us.  In his book "The Gospel According to Judas" you can read the full fictional dialogue that might have taken place between Jesus and Judas.  Ray's commentary on their relationship is amazingly insightful on the nature of Grace and Love.  It is a must read in the Anderson library.  I have posted as the first sermon, "Judas - An Answer to Prayer."  You will find in this message how Ray's thinking about Judas started.... May God speak to your heart in this word.