I can remember reading Paul's letter to the Ephesians for the first time, many, many years ago.  It struck me then as now, how Paul's heart yearned for the full unity of the Body of Christ as a powerful witness to the miracle of human community, love, fellowship, support, forgiveness, and more, which was true in Jesus Christ as the Head of the Church, but too often disrespected by it's members.  Paul knew that the Covenant Community which was created in Abraham, passed on through the families of Israel and finally internationally realized in the Church was to live absolutely dependent on the graces and the mercies of God under the Lordship of Jesus the Messiah.  To that end, I have always felt uncomfortable with the denominational distinctions which our traditions and theologies have created.  Pray and the Lord's Table as introductions to fellowship offer an opportunity for our eyes to be closed to our distinctions and our hearts open to love those around us as we offer ourselves together to the service and ministry of the Lord.  Your sharing in our Guestbook and in the TableTalk will be respected and appreciated in that same Spirit which unites in Christ.